We Study Law

Fred, this is Wayne In Orlando. In short I believe in what your doing as this ministry and want to lend my site more than what I am already doing. I take the think tank site in your calls most of the time. I am learning but am doing what I can to organize forms and my own head.
When I tried talking to you in Kissimmee, Vagas lolo it was a bit hard. I know you have something people are starving for and you get hammered. Fred I have been in business for a long time until these last 7 years.
If you are trying to organize a pile of people to teach it needs to be organized.
I can not joint that fan club crowd Fred and will not chase you, but I have a heart to teach and organize people (Trainers). I have to start making money and can not go back to what I was doing at this point. I am looking to start up a smaller bushiness with my Son but that fell through.
I was Electric International Services (Electrical / Telephone / Audio / Intercom / Networking / Control )
I have started that new site to build up but have been running into brick walls in my personal Life.
I believe in what your doing Fred. If you want to talk, call me.

SOD – SOD – Las Vagus Saterday Morning 5-12-2012
The Corporation is trying to show this site point out Fred and Nina’s supposid fraud. If you start Studing the Corporate Fraud, you will see the Fraud in the Corporation! You will “SEE” that Fred IS on target.